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He put a ring on it… #weigmanwedding

My Mom always said that my white knight was coming, he was just on a slower horse, & she was right. As littleView full post »

Sometimes you just have to jump…

With the second half of my busy season beginning, I force myself to take time for me. In the middle of all the chaos,View full post »

Photography Saved Me.

I may be presumptuous when I say this, but creatives are lucky enough to have their work reflect their inner heart.View full post »

A Girl’s Best Friend…

Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” never owned a dog… If only everyoneView full post »

“All you need is a little faith, trust & pixie dust…”

This time last year I was struggling to book even two weddings for the 2013 wedding season. Client meeting afterView full post »

Be fierce, be sexy, be a bombshell… Taking control of your Health

  The past 2 years have been a struggle. A struggle to take control of my health both in exercise & inView full post »

A New Year + New Aspirations

  I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. The word resolution brings with a connotation that we haveView full post »

Gold + Glitter Christmas

When I was a little girl, Christmas was the biggest thing since sliced bread at the Brey household. It was like a 2ndView full post »

Gratitude changes everything…

Hello Sweet Loves, I’ve been a little absent from blogging this month. I needed to recharge my body, myView full post »

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Sweet Love.

They say in order to move forward, you must not forget where you came from. Looking back to when I started myView full post »

Love is…

He’s an earl grey tea with one sugar cube & a pair of authentic brown flip flops in the summer. He’s aView full post »

Being human + feeling blah, but getting back to your core

I’m not sure what it is, may be it’s the weather or the fact I can’t eat healthy for more than twoView full post »

A creative space for a creative mind…

I finally have some to sit down & blog after a week break. My Blog feels a bit neglected & I don’t blameView full post »


Six letters & one big meaning. FAMILY. Last weekend was a special one. Andy & I had both our parents over forView full post »

A simple + sweet weekend with a Mustache Cake to top it off

This weekend was simply simple with a layer of sweetness. From a Client Meeting & running errands to a birthdayView full post »

A letter to my 27 year old self…

Dear 27 year old self, I thought after sitting down, I would know exactly what to say to you . I am meeting you inView full post »

Old Blog, Monopoly & Decorating a new house : Monday Madness

It’s a Monday Madness kind of day. From the unexpected March snow storm, to ending a fabulous weekend with aView full post »

Friday Funnies.

Ohhhh Happy Day! It’s Friday & another week of Friday Funnies! I am most positive that I am the only personView full post »

That one day when I went thrift shopping… + bought a fleet of vintage cameras

Before I get to the good stuff, let me just paint you a picture of what is currently going on at my house while I blog.View full post »

Vacation in the mountains…

Of course the last day to take some snowboarding mountain action in, I’m a sick little birdie. But in allView full post »

Life begins at 7,000 feet…

Excuse me for my iPhone photograph of the mountains, but even with my Nikon it still wouldn’t do it justice. TheView full post »

Friday Funnies

It’s Friday [YAH!]. Another ‘Friday Funnies’ installment is in order. I keep a folder on my DesktopView full post »

When your Best Friend is just so fabulous

Every girl has a Best Friend. A Best Friend to share secrets, dreams, future plans. A Best Friend to laugh, cry &View full post »

My Etsy Secrets.

I’m not one to share to my fashion secrets. But this time, I will. Just because I love Etsy & everyone shouldView full post »