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He put a ring on it… #weigmanwedding

My Mom always said that my white knight was coming, he was just on a slower horse, & she was right. As little girls we dream of the day the man of our dreams gets down on one knee to ask our hand in marriage. All the broken roads brought me to my sweet Andy. He feels like home to me through & through. Our love is easy, fun, adventurous & genuine. He’s my partner in crime & the one person I can build a life with.

On Friday night, he popped the question of his life. It was a rainy day & all he could talk about is plans to go wakesurfing after work with our friend Chad. I was already crabby because it was suppose to be a Dedra & Andy night since the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy for the both of us. And now they just wanted a third person to go wakesurfing… literally in between two thunderstorms. “Are we seriously going wakesurfing right now? It’s thundering & I don’t really want to get struck by lighting,” I said to Andy. He convinced me to put my swimsuit on & enjoy a quick set on the lake. I grumpily agreed. As we got into the car to head to Chad’s, he was slamming Red Bulls like it was water & strangely taking selfies of my crabby face. I had no idea what was about to happen…

After Andy took a quick set, he insisted that I go wakesurfing next. I then happily agreed. I ended up having the best set of my life landed a 360 spin & then a 720 spin (first time!). I was smiling ear to ear. As I headed up the platform of the boat, Andy was crouched in the back of the boat. I noticed a box in his hand & I almost fell off back into the water. It was the most surreal moment of my life. “Is this really happening?!?!” I screamed. I can’t remember what Andy said, but I remember the feeling. I kept screaming, “It’s so pretty!!!”.

Everything was planned & calculated that night. Thanks to our friend Chad who got it all on GoPro. We will forever have this moment to look back on through photographs. Andy and I are beyond blessed to have such amazing family & friends in our lives. Here are a few photos from the proposal! This will forever be the best weekend of the summer! We have had fun celebrating this whole weekend with lots of cocktails & good company.

Let the planning begin! September 2015 can’t come soon enough…

And you best believe we are going to throw a heck of a party on the lake!




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  • September 1, 2014 - 11:17 AM

    Amanda Raines - This just gave me goosebumps! YAY~!!!! Im sooo excited for you two 🙂ReplyCancel

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