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6 Tips for Fabulous Engagement Photos


Engagement sessions can be a little nerve wracking. I mean let’s be honest, when was the last time you got professional photos taken? Senior year? Yeah, thought so. I am the first one to say that I hate being in front of the camera, it’s scary. Every single one of my Clients had nerves, butterflies, almost to the point of fainting prior to their engagement session. Ok, that’s exaggerating but you get my vibe here right? Over the course of the two and half years I’ve been shooting, these are the top 6 tips of advice I would give to all soon to bride & grooms on their engagement session day.

1. Treat yourself to a hair & make-up session. Ladies, this one is for you…obviously. This is a good way to do a make-up test before the big day to see how your make-up will look in photographs. As for hair, let your locks of love get some attention from a professional. Who doesn’t want to get all glammed up to perfection & get a little pampered.

2. It’s ok to reschedule [when the weather is not ideal]. The great thing about engagement sessions is that they aren’t stuck in stone, like a wedding date. They are movable & flexible in those types of situations where the weather is not up to par. I am perfectionist & my Clients know this. I shoot close to sunset for the best light & if the day isn’t panning out to be a good day for good light [such as rain, cloudiness], I am not afraid to suggest to my Clients that it’s ok to reschedule for a better day. I typically hold 2-3 tentative dates for my Clients prior to see which day is the best for weather.

3. Dress to impress, but stay casual. I typically have my Clients bring 2-3 changes of dress. Suggestions for dress include a more fancy outfit [dress, skirt, dress pants for guys, even a suit] & a more casual outfit [shorts, jeans, cute top etc.]. It depends what type of look you are going for & the location. If one of you is wearing print, the other needs to wear a solid color. My Clients aren’t afraid to text me photos of their outfits to see if what they picked out will work. Work with your photographer to figure out what looks best in front of the camera.

4. Bring a bottle of wine or pop some bubbly. Ahhh yes, the infamous liquid courage. This works in engagement sessions, not just in bars. I make this easy suggestion because it calms nerves & puts my Clients to ease. And it’s generally a good prop.

5. Pick a location that means something to you. 90% of the time, my Clients look to me for suggestions for their engagement session location. If you already don’t have a location in mind, ask your photographer if they have any ideas. Some things to think about & questions to ask yourself when choosing a location: What do we like to do in our spare time? What is one spot we always went to on dates? Where did we get engaged? What is the vibe we are going for?

6. Let go of all your inhibitions. I totally feel ya on this one. Easier send than done, right? Let’s get something straight, you’re fabulous. Let it shine through. Work that camera like no other.

Engagement sessions are one of funnest days a couple can have on their journey to becoming Mr. & Mrs. It’s a time to get all cute & cuddly in the front of the camera, work with your photographer & get some fabulous photos outside of your wedding attire. Be your fabulous self & enjoy!



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