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Engagement Love: Nikki + Jake

Meet Nikki & Jake. They are some serious fabulousness who like a good bottle of wine. I couldn’t quite remember where I had met Nikki all those years back to my early 20’s. As we greeted each other with a hug, we instantly started chatting about the first time we met. My friend Jen & I were perusing through the crowd at a Downtown Minneapolis night club. We decided to sit down & enjoy a cocktail, people watching. All of a sudden we see a girl standing by herself across the way. We yelled at her to come over & join the party. ¬†Eventually her date came to pick her up. A couple days later, we found her a Facebook & naturally friended her.

Fast forward to brand launch week. Nikki ended up being the lucky winner of a Lifestyle Session. A month later, Jake got down on one kneed & asked her hand in marriage. After picking out a couple dates, she asked if Jake could join the Lifestyle Session. Let’s just say, I am a sucker for a good Engagement Session & a lovely couple. I happily obliged. After having to reschedule one time due to thunderstorms, we finally got a perfect night. These are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!



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