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Look Book Reveal

A Look Book is a collection of photographs compiled to show off  a model, a photographer, or a style. When brainstorming with my favorite ladies at A La Carte Design, I knew I wanted something that was editorial in nature, was unique enough for me & that displayed my photographs. The idea of a Look Book didn’t come to mind at first. This was the one thing that was keeping me up at night through this whole rebrand process. What were prospective Clients going to walk away with when I met with them to discuss their nuptials? I wanted something tangible besides a business card & pricing sheet.

It wasn’t until one Saturday morning flipping through a Vogue issue that I came across a J.Crew Look Book as part of their advertisement. And then it happened… the ‘A HA’ moment. Although a Look Book is not something that is new to the world, it was new to my business & the vibe I was going for. At that moment I had the the vision of the whole look. The ladies at A La Carte Design made my vision come to life. My favorite part I have to say is the Editor’s Note. It’s really a note to my prospective Clients. I wanted to convey my message in a simple yet effective way. An Editor’s Note was just the vehicle to do so. I am so excited to share a piece of my rebrand with all of you. Here is the electronic version of my Look Book. Ahhh how I love it oh so much…




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