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My Journey to a New Brand

It’s been three years since I first picked up my Nikon & started building my photography business. In the beginning, I was known as Lady D Photography. It’s just as embarrassing now as it was back then. That was definitely a questionable decision. Months later still within my first year, I switched to D. Brey Photography. A much more mature business name and presence. This was the beginning to what now will be my true identity as a business, photography and as a woman.

When I switched to my new business name, I didn’t have the means to professionally collaborate with a design firm to create my brand. I did what I could with my brand at the time – designed a logo, picked some brand colors & called it a day. Two years later, I have those means to do a rebrand overhaul from head to toe. Over the past several months, I have been partnering with A La Carte Design . These fabulous ladies [Alisa + Aimee + Melissa] are like family now. They know me better than I know myself, which is both scary and relieving at the same time. They know what I want before I even know I want it. That’s a gift my friends.

I knew I wanted a brand that was simple, elegant, classy and oh so ‘Dedra’. These ladies brought my vision to life from creating a new brand identity including logo, business cards, stationary, packaging, Client gifts, etc. I will be sharing these elements when they are finalized in the next month. Along with a new brand identity, I redesigned my Blog . Coming soon on May 14th will be the launch of my new website! I am so excited to share my new online storefront! I feel so renewed and refreshed with all these positive changes. My brand and photography is moving in the direction I exactly envisioned when I started 3 years ago. It took time to get here to this point where I feel comfortable with my business and myself. It’s such a good feeling to work hard and see the outcome of my labor of love…. photography.

Here’s a couple snapshot sneak peeks of the new website dropping May 14th. As I announced last week, there will be giveaways starting May 12th – May 16th in celebration of my new brand. More information to come in the next couple of weeks! You won’t want to miss a chance to win some of my favorite things! Love to all my supporters. You’re the best.







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