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Spring is here, or at least a 50 degree day. We Minnesotans bring out the flip flops & tank tops when we have our first 50 degree day, or at least our cameras. My 2nd shooter Ana & I finally got out for some spring training. She’s fabulous. Enough said.

Ana is 2nd shooting with me for all my weddings this summer/fall. She has started her business & building up her portfolio. I know in my heart she is going to be just wonderful. She has a lot of talent that is waiting to be unleashed. Every other weekend we get together to shoot. I have been mentoring Ana to shoot in manual & many other aspects of starting a photography business.

We took turns photographing each other which is a lot more fun than shooting random objects, inside, during winter. I thought I would share a few of Ana that I shot. And I hope she does the same on her blog as she is doing a beyond fabulous job of mastering the art of shooting in manual.

I am so excited that she is going to be by my side this summer/fall 2nd shooting. We also laugh a lot, which isn’t a surprise.

Much Love,


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